Most Expensive Bags, Purses, and Luggage in the world

Purses and handbags have reached a point on earth where prices can be astronomical. With over thousands of purses available for purchase only around ten brand names actually reach the thousand dollar mark or higher.


Famous for not just handbags and purses but also glasses, belts and other accessories is Gouci Gucci. Their handbags and purses can easily reach $3,000 and higher

Louis Vuitton
Known for its patented LV within light brown and dark brown backgrounds Louis Vuitton is a very expensive handbag in the world. Louis Vuitton was founded centuries ago back in 1854 and still stand today as one of the most luxurious and expensive purses ever created. The company has grown from basic style and simplicity to very unique colors and customizations. Coming from the city of love Paris,Farce Louis Vuitton seems like it will never cease being a top and expensive purse selection for all ages. Prices for the long lasting legend can reach to over $35,000. Not to high though compared to the few companies ahead.

Founded in 1913 Mario Prada is another Italian brand that stands high above other foreign competitors. The word Prada can be seen on the side or within each designer purse. These purses and handbags can reach over $5,000. A pretty penny for a pretty purse Prada is one of a kind.

One of the few purses on this list comes from last liberty herself. New York is the home and birthplace of Coach purses and handbags across the world. This purse can reach prices of over $1000.

Michael Kors
Michale Kors is another very expensive brand that got great exposure and sales during 2014 and 2015. Also coming from the big apple like coach Michael Kors brings a variety of different colors as well as price tags. Very famous among young and older women alike Mr. Kors definitely hit a grand slam by diving into the purse and handbag industry. With the brand even put in rap lyrics from Nicki Minaj Michael Kors is a brand for every woman. There prices vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The gold initials MK is usually encircled and hangs from every handbag or purse. The purchase price for Michael Kors can range from a more affordable hundreds of dollars to over a thousand. With Michael Kors having more purses in the $300 range it helps increase sells yet still is an expensive bag compares to a retailer like Walmart or Sam’s Club can provide.

Coming the beautiful city of Milan, Italy another top of the line designer and handbag manufacturer is Georgio Armani. Armani also makes shoes, belts, and even watches to add to your collection. The brand not only has high prices for these accessories but their unique purses as well. Price tags can reach in to be the thousands of dollars.

Being born in the ancient city of Rome,Italy is one of the world’s most expensive purses and handbags plus accessories. Fendi has been around for some time and with their high prices and high sells seem will not go anywhere anytime soon. This company was founded in 1925 nearing a century of great manufacturing and variety to indicate looking for the most popular purses. Reaching prices of over $5,000 fending is definitely in the top ten purses and handbags. The top penguin bag goes to Fendi and is one of its top sellers to date.

When you want to talk of the highest class purses and handbags every made Hermes has to be in the top three. Arguably can be voted number one for the most expensive handbags in existence! Purses can price over $1,000,000! Yes $1,000,000 is how much it cost to own some of these gems. So how does it feel to have the worth of a car on your shoulders? Quite well actually as Hermes is king made with the highest quality materials on earth. Purses are very elegant yet durable for extended use. Accompanying Prada as a Paris, France native Hermes makes purses in many different leathers, silks, cottons and even crocodile skins.

Chanel has been around for many decades and is destructive by it’s two gold CC which interlock interlock in mirrored positions. These expensive purses band even handbags can cost over $250,000! One of the few purses to reach over the quarter million dollar mark and be considered as one of the top three most expensive purses ever made.


Have you every wanted to match your jewelry with your purse or handbag. Does the idea seem ridiculous or far fetched. The designers at Mouawad disagree so they created them. The prices for these purses are usually exclusively for millionaires only! Originally a jewelry manufacturer Mouawad dipped into the purse and handbags industry not knowing of the success it would make. The mixture of 18K gold and diamonds beings decorated onto the purse is the reason why these purse can reach prices of over $3,000,000! That’s right these purses top the Hermes because of pure rare elements adorned on them. Diamonds from all around the world as well as gold are formed into these top of the line handbags and purses. Since Hermes doesn’t use as much gold and diamonds as Mouawad many accept Hermes as the pure winner however both purses being the million dollar discussion basically leaves them at a tie for some.

Marc Jacobs makes the list as well for a very expensive purse and comes out of the United States. With purses reaching over $30,000 make sure to bring your debit or credit card when purchasing. Also using crocodile skin like other purse distributors the rare animal skin increases the price of these purses from the use of more prevalent resources.

Why Women Love Their Bags

Women all over the world use their bags for many different reasons and love them all the same. Not only are there millions of different brands and styles, every woman in the world uses their bags for different purposes. Women of every culture, ethnicity and race love their bags and for wonderful reasons. Bags are a useful and convenient way for ladies to carry everything they may need for the day, the week or even for moving in some cases. Have you ever met a lady who didn’t love the bag they were carrying? Of course not. They all do research or know what they need and what the will be using that particular bag for. Whether a woman has 1 or 100 every single one has a purpose in their life.


There are so many different types of bags for women to buy and have. There are backpacks, which could be used for anything large and even clothing, if a woman would need to change at any point in the day. Satchels are a great bag for women to carry when they are going out or are trying not to carry to much or have a larger bag hanging from their shoulders. A beach bag would be carried when you have a ton of items you are trying to cart somewhere and could hold a ton of stuff without having to make someone take multiple trips. A kelly bag is more a fashion purse but still hold a ton of utility in that you can carry anything you may need to carry. Women everywhere chose their bags for the purpose they will be using them for. Women love to have multiple different types of bags and every one will be used for something different. Some other women may choose a single bag and make it useful in many different ways. Luggage is another type of bag a woman will own and make it useful and stylish in her own way.


Utility is a huge factor in most women’s lives. If something is not useful they will tend to dispose of it. Everything in a ladies life will have a use of sorts to her. A bag is no different and they will only allow bags to do the same as every other aspect in their lives. Some women will tend to like shorter straps to keep their things closer to their body, others would rather have their bags on their bag or strung across their shoulders. A bag is an accessory a woman will have that will be almost and in some cases more important than clothing and jewelry. They will need their purse to be comfortable and accent their personality.


Personality in clothing and accessories is vital to a woman’s presence, why would a bag be any different? Girls and women all over the world use bags to show their personality. A more simplistic look could be shown by using a side bag maybe she even created or quilted herself. A more fashionista type woman would use their bag to show of their fashion sense with a designer bag or purse.


Have you ever noticed that men carry everything in their pockets? There really isn’t much of an option of women to do this. Women sometimes don’t even have pockets in their clothing, or the jeans made for women could fit maybe a small chap-stick and that is all. The purpose for a purse or handbag has become something women almost have to carry for that reason alone. Storage is the number one reason to carry a bag, but the style and brand showcases everything you might want to display with you. A lady can purchase a bag in almost every type of fabric and have a bag to match almost any outfit they own. From leather, sued, cotton and more a bag can be useful in almost any case. A cotton bag could be useful for a more casual look. A leather bag or design bag could be most effective with a business look or an everyday look. Women could even use a nice sued clutch for a night out on the town with her girl friends.


Ladies also generally feel that bags bring sex appeal. The type of bag they are along with the right outfit and draw attention. The opposite sex have been known to go out of their way more to talk to women who looks more put together. Putting the right bag with the right outfit can prove to showcase their sexuality. Putting the type of style you hold into the world can draw the particular type of attention they may be seeking. Bags are so much more than just utility to a woman but have proven that is the main purpose to carry the bag originally.


Woman who have designer bag obsessions are great in their own right and fine in their own light. There is even a holiday designated for designer handbags. Handbags are such a popular item to hold there has even proven to be wait lists for certain designers and styles of bags they sell. The is almost uncommon in the fashion world except for bags.


The love women have for there bags is completely justified and should never be frowned upon. We even get a holiday to celebrate the love that we, women have for your handbags, backpacks, and purses. There are so many great things that go into why women love bags and why we carry them everywhere. It makes complete sense for the love of bags women all over the world have. Men have there sense of style and things they love just as much, women just chose bags and we need them for storage anyway.

Bags, coolers, backpacks no longer allowed at big events on Las Vegas Strip

It’s safe to say that pretty much anyone who has ever been to the great state of Las Vegas, has absolutely loved it or come back with some memories they won’t forget. What with the strip made up of hotels, casinos, wedding chapels and more it’s hard to forget a place like that. Las Vegas annually brings in vast crowds of people who come for the attractions and to enjoy a fun time and a relaxing vacation. However, with recent on-goings in the news as of lately, Las Vegas officials are cutting down on what’s being permitted or not permitted at large events. While some might find issues with this new ban, rest assure that they’ve been put in place for the safety of others.


Why is there a ban?


If like many others, you’ve found yourself watching the news and shaking your head, then you’re not alone. Lately the news has been flooded with tragic event after tragic event, that measures are having to be taken to provide the safety of those who attend major events. Las Vegas is a place that often has huge crowds and thus could be a prime example of where an attack could take place that would hurt if not kill hundreds. It became a unanimous decision that from here on out, at any major event in Las Vegas people would no longer be able to:


  • Bring Strollers
  • Purses that don’t meet certain size restrictions
  • Coolers
  • Backpacks
  • Electronic bags and more.

The attack on Paris was just one prime example of what has led to such a decision alongside of the newest deadly terrorist attack that happened in California. During each of these events people could bring in the now banned items which many police and officials believe are what made the attack so easy to be carried out. In hopes of making another similar attack harder, these bans are just one precaution among many in helping keeping those safe who will be attending a large event in Las Vegas.


For those who may consider trying to attend an event with one of the fore mentioned banned items, be warned you’ll be doing so at your own risk. Police will be stationed around event areas and will first issue a verbal citation giving the offender the chance to remove said item before entering. If you fail to comply you will be then given a written citation which upon a third request can lead up to jail time. While some may believe, these new restrictions are a bit harsh, police feel they’re necessary in keeping the public safe.


Exemptions of the law


Of course, there are certain people that are going to be allowed leeway with this new law, and for great reason. For one, medical professionals as in paramedics, will still be allowed to carry medical carrying bags and so forth with them. As their job requires certain things to aid in an accident or help an injured person it only makes sense that they should be able to do their jobs unhindered. Other professionals that will find themselves exemptions of the new law are journalists and members of the media. Anyone who has ever worked for a television or news station know just how heavy those cameras can be, and thus with special passes they too will be granted immunity to the law.


Other banned items and changes


Coolers, backpacks and more aren’t the only items that are being done away with. In fact, law makers have also made it so that during any large Las Vegas event glass containers are also no longer permitted. Instead, citizens will be permitted to bring drinks that are packaged in aluminum cans to counter this new law. County officials have stated that their quite proud of the new laws that are going in to effect and commend law officials who have worked hard to make sure they’re enforced. Of course, nobody wants to be told they can’t have fun or are stuck in a strict set of rules. Likewise, the safety of all is more important than the feelings of a few about a law. It’s not just the tourists that are being protected here, but it’s the residents of Las Vegas as well. With the creation of this new law it’s the hope that everyone can be kept safe no matter if you’re a first-time visitor, a longtime resident, or have been to Vegas a ton of times. It’s the safety of all who do go to Las Vegas, who’ve been to Las Vegas or who live there. For smaller events this law will not apply such as the anniversary of one hotel who has been on the strip for the last thirty-years. For any confusion about when the law will apply to certain events or not, there are a few different ways you can find out so you’re not stuck paying a hefty fine or being turned away:


  • Ask a police Officer-They’ll have all the up to date information on what events will be enforcing the new law and which one’s it won’t apply to.
  • Call Ahead-Consider calling the venue or place you intend to attend for whatever event and ask them if there are any restrictions you should be made aware of.
  • Visit their Website-Usually most event websites will have all information you can need before attending an event. This usually also includes information about what is or isn’t allowed at an event and any other relevant information you might need to know about.

As mentioned above, the aim is to keep everyone safe and by making these new restrictions officers can do so. If you have any questions or concerns you can always contact the local police department for more information on what is or isn’t allowed.

Importance of Expensive Handbags and Purses

More and more people are jumping on board by choosing careers as escorts. The lifestyles of Las Vegas escorts are quite lavish and highly priced. It is not just about the cash flow because expensive gifts are definitely necessary to escorts in Vegas. An expensive purse gives a sense of security. Keeping ahead of the economic line base of society is an important factor in the life of an escort. Many clients of escorts are looking for a high-quality date that stands out from the norm. A fashionable well endowed escort can make more on the pay scale than someone who does not look the part. Handbags also act as a status symbol for escorts. In case you happen to become a lucky prospect you may consider presenting one of the escorts in Vegas with an honorary gift. Gifts will actually give your experience more meaning and make it more fulfilling. It shows Vegas escorts that they are important and significant.

One might be marveled by the items that Las Vegas escorts carry around all day? The first item that an escort will consider carrying is intimate apparel and undergarments. It is imperative that good hygiene is practiced while meeting and greeting so many different personalities. Speaking of hygiene, personal essentials such as deodorant, perfume, and other toiletries play a big part in the day of Vegas escorts.
To summarize a long story, an escort can carry anywhere from condoms to adult toys. Let us not forget about the power source for his or her cellphone. A phone charger can be a life-saver. It is important to reach clients and to ensure proper geographic locations when meeting a prospect. Safety is key and a phone could mean the difference between life or death.

The first purse in history was originally designed to hold coins or money. It was actually created by a man so that he could carry his cash around. Over 5000 years ago the handbag was created and a lot of businesses are booming even more now than ever before. A handbag can be made from several different kinds of material. Gortex is used to make waterproof handbags and backpacks that are more durable. Cotton is also used to construct a purse. In addition, designer handbags are usually made from expensive leather.

In today’s trending society, Las Vegas escorts enjoy receiving upscale purses. Believe it or not handbags are not just for woman. In fact, there are a wide variety of purses that are designed exclusively for men. Companies like Saint Laurent, Paul Smith, Valentino, Polo Ralph Lauren, and Valentino are just some that cater to men’s expensive purses. Certain websites like Farfetch make it accessible for the consumer. Some of the top brands to choose from include: Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Gucci, Christian Dior, and Marc Jacobs just to name a few. Others include Coach, Burberry, Balenciaga, Kate Spade, and Parade. All of these manufactures take great pride in producing a handbag that you can sure to be proud about. If you really want to impress an escort you may think about purchasing a Birkin bag. The Birkin handbag was designed by a British actress by the name of Jane Birkin. She was inspired by a friend who encouraged her to design a bag with more pockets.

Beware of “knock-off” handbags that are being sold to you as “the real thing”. Some corner stands, online sites, and street handlers will convince you that the product that they are selling is authentic. Do your research before purchasing these bags. Trimming and stitching can be a dead give away for fake designer bags. Find out exactly what the authentic vendors do to make their product unique. Even though a purse may be real leather it may still be considered fake to someone who can tell the difference. Things such as zippers and logos should be carefully examined. More often than not fake handbags and purses will eventually fall apart and deteriorate easily. Authentic bags will come with a serial number that you can verify with the manufacture.
There are many storefronts that specialize in handbags in Vegas. Vegas is also know as “Sin City” because of all of the entertainment that is advertised. The Vegas strip and other areas specialize in expensive designer purses. Here are a few names that you may or may not be familiar with. On the more affordable side there are consignment and pawn shops that offer handbags at a reasonable price. Ritzy Rags, Max Pawn, and Trading labels offer nearly new items that are designer. There are malls and boutiques that sell purses on the much higher end of the buying spectrum. They include: Bags Belts and Baubles, Bally, Bottega Veneta, Chanel Boutique, and Coach. There are lots more like Henri Bendel, Kate Spade of New York, Long Champ, and Louis Vutton. Alot of these companies offer online services to make your shopping easy.

Vegas escorts can make at least 8k/month. Most have good diction and behave themselves well. It is no wonder that they can own anywhere from 5 to 100 purses that are all designer. Some escorts in Vegas come from poverty and become addicted to the lifestyle and the “showering of gifts”. Others were born “having it all” and want to keep the lifestyle going. Labels on handbags as well as the style are very important in the mind of an escort. Putting him or her self in a class that states “I only deserve the best of the best”. An expensive purse can add to the wealth of an escort. Once and escort establishes a collection of purses, the handbags become collateral. They can be sold and create more wealth for an escort.

10 Las Vegas Stores to Shop for Handbags

Shopping Fun in Las Vegas
Las Vegas is the hot-spot for handbag shopping. The professional handbag shopper has the scoop on all the shopping fun right in Las Vegas. It does not matter what your handbag style is, you will find the perfect handbag to match your personality and your particular taste. If you are interested in buying the right handbag for a gift for someone else, look no further than one of the best Las Vegas stores. There is plenty of shopping fun awaiting everyone in spectacular Las Vegas. The creativity and colors will absolutely dazzle you.

A Variety to Choose From in Las Vegas
Every handbag shopper will have an abundance of variety to choose from in Las Vegas. The most exciting handbags are waiting to be adored and loved. You will find it all in one of the top ten handbag shopping stores. Include the following handbags:
* a stunning clutch
* a hobo
* the extraordinary evening bag
* a bottle opener bag
* high-end bags
* A Chanel
* a Louis Vuitton
Variety will add spice to your handbag shopping fun. Get lost in the world of handbags right in Las Vegas, Nevada. You will have plenty to choose from. Unique and one-of-a-kind handbags will set you apart and make you feel fantastic. Leather, lace and much more.

The Top Ten Must Shop
There are ten of the very top stores that you must stop and shop at when you’re in Las Vegas. Handbag shopping will never be the same. You will not find common and ordinary at the top ten stores. You can expect to receive courteous and helpful service from professionals who strive to provide you with a magical shopping experience. The ten stores on this list include the following:

1. Vittorio; you will find a fine collection of handbags in this stunning and relaxing environment. You won’t be disappointed with the large selection. This is located at 3900 Las Vegas Blvd. S. in Las Vegas, Nevada. Feel free to visit the website and get a taste for the spectacular

2. Max Pawn; you can even find the finest luxury good at this shop. It is located at 2400 S Jones Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada. Don’t be surprised if you discover Louis Vuitton amongst the many fine handbags. A great price will top it off

3. Longchamp; if you love leather and a touch of French luxury, you will enjoy this amazing store. It is located at 3500 Las Vegas Blvd. S. in Las Vegas, Nevada. Allow yourself to be warmly welcomed in an environment that feels comfortable and cozy

4. Kate Spade New York; you will fall into the crisp and inviting colors and the many graphic prints when you walk through these doors. Unique and stylish are displayed throughout this entire store. It is located at 3200 Las Vegas Blvd. S. in Las Vegas, Nevada. You will adore Kate Spade’s handbag selections

5. Chanel; you will discover an enormous amount of exciting handbags all in this store. If classic flips are your style, you will be thrilled. Perhaps a classy touch of leather is more suited for your taste. This is located at 3131 Las Vegas Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada. Comfort, style and class are the keys to your little slice of handbag heaven right here. Everyone enjoys a lovely little boutique to shop at for all their handbag needs

6. Coach Outlet Sore; The friendly and fun-loving staff are waiting for you to join them right here at 7400 Las Vegas Blvd S in Las Vegas, Nevada. You will appreciate the added discount coupons to save on your handbag budget. You won’t find common handbags only here. There is handbags and much more waiting for every shopper

7. Bottega Veneta; A little taste of Italy can be found right in Las Vegas. If Italian leather strikes your fancy, you will be absolutely mesmerized with the vast selection of stunning items. Located at 3600 Las Vegas Blvd. Las Vegas, Nevada. A splash of color and Italian style will add intrigue to you handbag shopping experience

8. Henri Bendel; this is an above-average and highly stylish boutique. This hot-spot can be found at 3200 Las Vegas Blvd. S. in Las Vegas, Nevada. You will devour the long line of fabulous handbags and more. This is a store that is ready to embrace and stun you in every way. You can find the perfect handbag to delight you in every way

9. Fashion Forward Handbags; you will find this at 1750 S. Rainbow Boulevard in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hello Kitty and cute handbags are in abundance for your shopping pleasure. This boutique will not disappoint you because your options are many.

10. Designer Handbags; if you love the designer handbags, you can find quality at 3799 S Las Vegas Boulevard, in Las Vegas, Nevada. This divine boutique will be exceptional for the designer handbag taste. Style, class and a touch of elegance will be available at a competitive price

Handbags are Taken Seriously in Las Vegas, Nevada
This list of top ten favorites are only the beginning of the many wonderful stores to shop for handbags in Las Vegas. Handbags are indeed taken very seriously here. A handbag is meant to reflect your style and taste. A quality handbag will provide you with years of enjoyment. A handbag shopping spree can lift your spirits. You will enjoy the many shopping options. Have a little fun shopping for the exquisite handbag of your dreams.

Handbag Tips for You
When handbag shopping, it is a good idea to look for quality craftsmanship in every handbag. If high quality is ideal for you, you will want to take notice of any stitching included. It will be helpful to view the materials and the leather closely.