Most Expensive Bags, Purses, and Luggage in the world

Purses and handbags have reached a point on earth where prices can be astronomical. With over thousands of purses available for purchase only around ten brand names actually reach the thousand dollar mark or higher.


Famous for not just handbags and purses but also glasses, belts and other accessories is Gouci Gucci. Their handbags and purses can easily reach $3,000 and higher

Louis Vuitton
Known for its patented LV within light brown and dark brown backgrounds Louis Vuitton is a very expensive handbag in the world. Louis Vuitton was founded centuries ago back in 1854 and still stand today as one of the most luxurious and expensive purses ever created. The company has grown from basic style and simplicity to very unique colors and customizations. Coming from the city of love Paris,Farce Louis Vuitton seems like it will never cease being a top and expensive purse selection for all ages. Prices for the long lasting legend can reach to over $35,000. Not to high though compared to the few companies ahead.

Founded in 1913 Mario Prada is another Italian brand that stands high above other foreign competitors. The word Prada can be seen on the side or within each designer purse. These purses and handbags can reach over $5,000. A pretty penny for a pretty purse Prada is one of a kind.

One of the few purses on this list comes from last liberty herself. New York is the home and birthplace of Coach purses and handbags across the world. This purse can reach prices of over $1000.

Michael Kors
Michale Kors is another very expensive brand that got great exposure and sales during 2014 and 2015. Also coming from the big apple like coach Michael Kors brings a variety of different colors as well as price tags. Very famous among young and older women alike Mr. Kors definitely hit a grand slam by diving into the purse and handbag industry. With the brand even put in rap lyrics from Nicki Minaj Michael Kors is a brand for every woman. There prices vary from hundreds to thousands of dollars. The gold initials MK is usually encircled and hangs from every handbag or purse. The purchase price for Michael Kors can range from a more affordable hundreds of dollars to over a thousand. With Michael Kors having more purses in the $300 range it helps increase sells yet still is an expensive bag compares to a retailer like Walmart or Sam’s Club can provide.

Coming the beautiful city of Milan, Italy another top of the line designer and handbag manufacturer is Georgio Armani. Armani also makes shoes, belts, and even watches to add to your collection. The brand not only has high prices for these accessories but their unique purses as well. Price tags can reach in to be the thousands of dollars.

Being born in the ancient city of Rome,Italy is one of the world’s most expensive purses and handbags plus accessories. Fendi has been around for some time and with their high prices and high sells seem will not go anywhere anytime soon. This company was founded in 1925 nearing a century of great manufacturing and variety to indicate looking for the most popular purses. Reaching prices of over $5,000 fending is definitely in the top ten purses and handbags. The top penguin bag goes to Fendi and is one of its top sellers to date.

When you want to talk of the highest class purses and handbags every made Hermes has to be in the top three. Arguably can be voted number one for the most expensive handbags in existence! Purses can price over $1,000,000! Yes $1,000,000 is how much it cost to own some of these gems. So how does it feel to have the worth of a car on your shoulders? Quite well actually as Hermes is king made with the highest quality materials on earth. Purses are very elegant yet durable for extended use. Accompanying Prada as a Paris, France native Hermes makes purses in many different leathers, silks, cottons and even crocodile skins.

Chanel has been around for many decades and is destructive by it’s two gold CC which interlock interlock in mirrored positions. These expensive purses band even handbags can cost over $250,000! One of the few purses to reach over the quarter million dollar mark and be considered as one of the top three most expensive purses ever made.


Have you every wanted to match your jewelry with your purse or handbag. Does the idea seem ridiculous or far fetched. The designers at Mouawad disagree so they created them. The prices for these purses are usually exclusively for millionaires only! Originally a jewelry manufacturer Mouawad dipped into the purse and handbags industry not knowing of the success it would make. The mixture of 18K gold and diamonds beings decorated onto the purse is the reason why these purse can reach prices of over $3,000,000! That’s right these purses top the Hermes because of pure rare elements adorned on them. Diamonds from all around the world as well as gold are formed into these top of the line handbags and purses. Since Hermes doesn’t use as much gold and diamonds as Mouawad many accept Hermes as the pure winner however both purses being the million dollar discussion basically leaves them at a tie for some.

Marc Jacobs makes the list as well for a very expensive purse and comes out of the United States. With purses reaching over $30,000 make sure to bring your debit or credit card when purchasing. Also using crocodile skin like other purse distributors the rare animal skin increases the price of these purses from the use of more prevalent resources.