Bags, coolers, backpacks no longer allowed at big events on Las Vegas Strip

It’s safe to say that pretty much anyone who has ever been to the great state of Las Vegas, has absolutely loved it or come back with some memories they won’t forget. What with the strip made up of hotels, casinos, wedding chapels and more it’s hard to forget a place like that. Las Vegas annually brings in vast crowds of people who come for the attractions and to enjoy a fun time and a relaxing vacation. However, with recent on-goings in the news as of lately, Las Vegas officials are cutting down on what’s being permitted or not permitted at large events. While some might find issues with this new ban, rest assure that they’ve been put in place for the safety of others.


Why is there a ban?


If like many others, you’ve found yourself watching the news and shaking your head, then you’re not alone. Lately the news has been flooded with tragic event after tragic event, that measures are having to be taken to provide the safety of those who attend major events. Las Vegas is a place that often has huge crowds and thus could be a prime example of where an attack could take place that would hurt if not kill hundreds. It became a unanimous decision that from here on out, at any major event in Las Vegas people would no longer be able to:


  • Bring Strollers
  • Purses that don’t meet certain size restrictions
  • Coolers
  • Backpacks
  • Electronic bags and more.

The attack on Paris was just one prime example of what has led to such a decision alongside of the newest deadly terrorist attack that happened in California. During each of these events people could bring in the now banned items which many police and officials believe are what made the attack so easy to be carried out. In hopes of making another similar attack harder, these bans are just one precaution among many in helping keeping those safe who will be attending a large event in Las Vegas.


For those who may consider trying to attend an event with one of the fore mentioned banned items, be warned you’ll be doing so at your own risk. Police will be stationed around event areas and will first issue a verbal citation giving the offender the chance to remove said item before entering. If you fail to comply you will be then given a written citation which upon a third request can lead up to jail time. While some may believe, these new restrictions are a bit harsh, police feel they’re necessary in keeping the public safe.


Exemptions of the law


Of course, there are certain people that are going to be allowed leeway with this new law, and for great reason. For one, medical professionals as in paramedics, will still be allowed to carry medical carrying bags and so forth with them. As their job requires certain things to aid in an accident or help an injured person it only makes sense that they should be able to do their jobs unhindered. Other professionals that will find themselves exemptions of the new law are journalists and members of the media. Anyone who has ever worked for a television or news station know just how heavy those cameras can be, and thus with special passes they too will be granted immunity to the law.


Other banned items and changes


Coolers, backpacks and more aren’t the only items that are being done away with. In fact, law makers have also made it so that during any large Las Vegas event glass containers are also no longer permitted. Instead, citizens will be permitted to bring drinks that are packaged in aluminum cans to counter this new law. County officials have stated that their quite proud of the new laws that are going in to effect and commend law officials who have worked hard to make sure they’re enforced. Of course, nobody wants to be told they can’t have fun or are stuck in a strict set of rules. Likewise, the safety of all is more important than the feelings of a few about a law. It’s not just the tourists that are being protected here, but it’s the residents of Las Vegas as well. With the creation of this new law it’s the hope that everyone can be kept safe no matter if you’re a first-time visitor, a longtime resident, or have been to Vegas a ton of times. It’s the safety of all who do go to Las Vegas, who’ve been to Las Vegas or who live there. For smaller events this law will not apply such as the anniversary of one hotel who has been on the strip for the last thirty-years. For any confusion about when the law will apply to certain events or not, there are a few different ways you can find out so you’re not stuck paying a hefty fine or being turned away:


  • Ask a police Officer-They’ll have all the up to date information on what events will be enforcing the new law and which one’s it won’t apply to.
  • Call Ahead-Consider calling the venue or place you intend to attend for whatever event and ask them if there are any restrictions you should be made aware of.
  • Visit their Website-Usually most event websites will have all information you can need before attending an event. This usually also includes information about what is or isn’t allowed at an event and any other relevant information you might need to know about.

As mentioned above, the aim is to keep everyone safe and by making these new restrictions officers can do so. If you have any questions or concerns you can always contact the local police department for more information on what is or isn’t allowed.

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