Why Women Love Their Bags

Women all over the world use their bags for many different reasons and love them all the same. Not only are there millions of different brands and styles, every woman in the world uses their bags for different purposes. Women of every culture, ethnicity and race love their bags and for wonderful reasons. Bags are a useful and convenient way for ladies to carry everything they may need for the day, the week or even for moving in some cases. Have you ever met a lady who didn’t love the bag they were carrying? Of course not. They all do research or know what they need and what the will be using that particular bag for. Whether a woman has 1 or 100 every single one has a purpose in their life.


There are so many different types of bags for women to buy and have. There are backpacks, which could be used for anything large and even clothing, if a woman would need to change at any point in the day. Satchels are a great bag for women to carry when they are going out or are trying not to carry to much or have a larger bag hanging from their shoulders. A beach bag would be carried when you have a ton of items you are trying to cart somewhere and could hold a ton of stuff without having to make someone take multiple trips. A kelly bag is more a fashion purse but still hold a ton of utility in that you can carry anything you may need to carry. Women everywhere chose their bags for the purpose they will be using them for. Women love to have multiple different types of bags and every one will be used for something different. Some other women may choose a single bag and make it useful in many different ways. Luggage is another type of bag a woman will own and make it useful and stylish in her own way.


Utility is a huge factor in most women’s lives. If something is not useful they will tend to dispose of it. Everything in a ladies life will have a use of sorts to her. A bag is no different and they will only allow bags to do the same as every other aspect in their lives. Some women will tend to like shorter straps to keep their things closer to their body, others would rather have their bags on their bag or strung across their shoulders. A bag is an accessory a woman will have that will be almost and in some cases more important than clothing and jewelry. They will need their purse to be comfortable and accent their personality.


Personality in clothing and accessories is vital to a woman’s presence, why would a bag be any different? Girls and women all over the world use bags to show their personality. A more simplistic look could be shown by using a side bag maybe she even created or quilted herself. A more fashionista type woman would use their bag to show of their fashion sense with a designer bag or purse.


Have you ever noticed that men carry everything in their pockets? There really isn’t much of an option of women to do this. Women sometimes don’t even have pockets in their clothing, or the jeans made for women could fit maybe a small chap-stick and that is all. The purpose for a purse or handbag has become something women almost have to carry for that reason alone. Storage is the number one reason to carry a bag, but the style and brand showcases everything you might want to display with you. A lady can purchase a bag in almost every type of fabric and have a bag to match almost any outfit they own. From leather, sued, cotton and more a bag can be useful in almost any case. A cotton bag could be useful for a more casual look. A leather bag or design bag could be most effective with a business look or an everyday look. Women could even use a nice sued clutch for a night out on the town with her girl friends.


Ladies also generally feel that bags bring sex appeal. The type of bag they are along with the right outfit and draw attention. The opposite sex have been known to go out of their way more to talk to women who looks more put together. Putting the right bag with the right outfit can prove to showcase their sexuality. Putting the type of style you hold into the world can draw the particular type of attention they may be seeking. Bags are so much more than just utility to a woman but have proven that is the main purpose to carry the bag originally.


Woman who have designer bag obsessions are great in their own right and fine in their own light. There is even a holiday designated for designer handbags. Handbags are such a popular item to hold there has even proven to be wait lists for certain designers and styles of bags they sell. The is almost uncommon in the fashion world except for bags.


The love women have for there bags is completely justified and should never be frowned upon. We even get a holiday to celebrate the love that we, women have for your handbags, backpacks, and purses. There are so many great things that go into why women love bags and why we carry them everywhere. It makes complete sense for the love of bags women all over the world have. Men have there sense of style and things they love just as much, women just chose bags and we need them for storage anyway.